Sri Chenna Malleeswarar Devasthaanam


Welcome to Sri Chenna Malleeswarar Devasthaanam - History

The British began to build a fort in the 1640s. It was built in stages for a number of years. Out of this famous Fort St. George grew a few settlements. The Indians lived here and it was referred to as the Blacktown by the British. By some accounts, the present Pattnam kovil housing Chenna Kesava Perumal and Chenna Malleeswarar were relocated from their existing place and constructed in the present place near Broadway, Mint Street and Kothawar chavadi, a major vegetable market.

The twin temples of Chenna Kesava Perumal and Chenna Mallikeswarar Temples reportedly appear on the notification dating back to 1766. besides grant of the land by the Council, Manali Muthukrishna Mudaliar is credited to have contributed 5202 pagodas and huge amount for constructing these temples. Some accounts date the Chennakesava Perumal Temple to mid 1600s.

The temple is well maintained and attracts hundreds of devotees every day. The thirunakshathira celebrations of Periyazhwaar, – ‘Swathi in the month of Aani’ falls shortly and the Thiruvavathara celebrations are on. At Chenna patnam kovil, the Uthsavam of Periyalwar is being celebrated grandly, and here are some photos taken recently at Pattnam kovil.